happytree Organic Maple Water

happytree Organic Maple Water

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All cases contain twelve 12 oz. bottles of the specified flavor.


Our original maple water may be our best! Straight from the maple tree, our nutritious and delicious treewater is packed with B-vitmains, 55% of your daily value of manganese and electrolytes for improved hydration. The subtle sweetness will please any palate and at only 35 calories for an entire bottle-- you can feel guilt free about drinking happytree maple water all day. 


When life hands you lemons, squeeze them into your maple water. We did, and the result is a healthy, tasty lemonade that you can enjoy all day. 


Fresh-pressed ginger adds a gentle kick to our refreshing maple water to create a magical and delicious healthy elixir for you to enjoy! 


Hydrate while you caffeinate with our cold-brewed yumminess-- a unique happytree combination of our two favorite functions beverages. Brewed with Peruvian Arabica fair-trade coffee beans, our cold brew maple water features full strength caffeine (comparable to an equal amount of black coffee).