frequently asked questions about happytree

where does the water come from?

maple water is tapped directly from the tree each spring. the water is pulled up from the ground through the tree roots, collects nutrients and maple sugars stores in the tree trunk, and flows throughout the tree bringing it back to life in the spring.

what is the water good for?

maple water is great for hydration, metabolism, and skin and bone health. Electrolytes for hydration, B vitamins for metabolism, and manganese for healthy skin and bones.

does it have sugar?

yes – maple water has naturally occurring healthy sugars, like what you’d find in any fruit or vegetable. It has ¼ of the sugar of most juice, and ½ of coconut water

does it harm the tree?

nope! we tap our maple trees in a completely sustainable way, and maintain and use the same trees year after year

where do we source from?

our maple water is from trees in upstate NY and Vermont.

is it really sweet?

nope – its light and refreshing! it features just a hint of subtle sweetness

when is it harvested?

maple water is harvested each spring right after the first thaw (Feb/March) and until the trees begin to bloom (April/May)

how do you keep it year round?

we freeze the water immediately after its harvested and thaw as needed throughout the year, keeping it fresh all year round without any preservatives or additives

how is maple syrup made?

maple syrup is made by taking the water and reducing it into a concentrate. once it hits a certain level, we refer to it as maple syrup – just like blueberry syrup or any other syrup.